For the advancement
of manufacturing

With the advent of MC machine tools, an opportunity to further evolve manufacturing was developed throughout a wide array of production. However, this evolution is likely to remain limited for machines regardless of progress.
From our point of view, the history of manufacturing has been one created by the repetitive processes by tools which we call “machines”, the then accumulated technologies for putting tools to use and thirdly, the ideas created through these activities in manufacturing.
OKS maintains a commitment to contribute to the evolution of manufacturing with all of our technological capabilities and knowledge.

For those working
in production

Ignoring problems in production such as working hours, physical load, or mental pressure or stress as could be the deciding factor in preventing improvements in productivity as well as the unnecessary creation of added value costs.
OKS believes that a desired production system cannot be achieved without establishing an environment where employees are satisfied and ready to work. Therefore, OKS is committed to pursuing the creation of ideal production systems by making use of our inventiveness from the perspective of workers at production sites.

Progress in earning

Needless to say, production systems have a crucial impact on corporate earnings. However, investing in production systems does not always achieve the expected earnings and may have limited effects on manufacturing. Achieving a harmonious balance between manufacturing and management in order to find the optimal solution is indeed, easier said than done.
To this day, OKS continues to contribute to an increase in profitability based on our experience of meeting the needs of manufacturing and management for over 50 years.