Pursuing machining
systems that enhance
added value

The OKS team of experts works to maximize our customers’management resources. The high added-value-generating machining system that we envision is not a grand and distant vision. We are sure that this system exists in customers’human resources, and we need to work together in order to harness and shape its potential.
We are striving to realize machining systems of the future through a wide range of efforts, from improving manufacturing workplaces to innovations that reshape business profitability.

INNOVATION Executing efficient high-mix,
variable-volume production

In order to maximize the characteristics of all-purpose machine tools, OKS focuses on the utilization technologies of all-purpose machine tools than on the tools themselves.

As a pioneer in high-mix variable-volume production, which is a next-generation manufacturing standard, OKS will continue to use its uniquely improved utilization technology to achieve stable, flexible production lines.

SPEED Looking at production
changes in three months

OKS is able to reform your production process in the shortest period of time. In one case, we succeeded in establishing a production line for high-mix variable-volume production in only three months. Our expertise, which is cultivated in our office culture has proved indispensable in assisting the speedy reforms.

OKS implements knowledge management not only for manufacturing expertise but also for proposal images. We assist our customers in making accurate decisions in a swift manner by visualizing the manufacturing processes as well as line layouts.

PARADIGM CHANGE A change in production, a change in management

Variables affecting productivity not only include machine performance but also a wide variety of factors related to management resources such as process, stock, space, manpower and time. We consider improvements that are mainly focused on a multifaceted combination of management resources to be more likely to lead to innovations in productivity than an improvement focused only on machine performance.

At the heart of OKS is the concept of making changes to the management paradigm and through the review of our customer’s management resources OKS proposes policies to maximize their potential.