Pursuing the creation of
the ideal machining line

We provide solutions based on the utilization technology of machine tools such as the all-purpose machining center.
Through an approach from the perspective of fixtures (fitting), we comprehensively review our customer’s machine tools, machining lines and production processes in order to realize a stable and flexible machining line.



Facility and process audit

Check the production plan that will be the focus of your improvements; View all the aspects, problems, etc., of the current state of the production line, and points that need improvement.
To view the current status of the manufacturing site, summarize the issues.

Optimization of MC, Tool & Fixture

Production Line; For the challenges derived from the verification process, Build Hypothetical Solutions; Confirm & create a 3D-design plan to optimize the production line.

Cell production system

In the Cell production system which is suitable for machining center processing, while minimizing capital investment “Variable-mix”, we propose a “small lot” production.

Baby Kangaroo System®

To support a wide variety, we propose the Baby Kangaroo System.
For more information, please refer to the item of baby kangaroo system.