A high-speed,
high-precision cutting solution
for thin materials

Preload Support is a solution device for precision cutting work on materials from ultra thin aluminum to heavy cast metal work objects.
An example of ultra thin material cutting such as for jet engine turbine blades requires an extremely precise process on thin material that does not have rigidity itself. Preload Support features ease of operation at higher speeds for complex and delicate fine cutting work, which once was believed to be possible only by experienced human hands.


What Preload Support achieves for you is not limited to making difficult cutting work possible, but also to provide effective solutions to a variety of issues at the production worksite.

Examples of issues at production worksite

While skilled employees are getting older and there is a shortage of new human resources, relying on their experience and intuition alone won't help to ensure productivity!
Product customer request is becoming increasingly lighter and more complex, and conventional work processes can't make such products well any more!
We can not maintain the quality while increasing quantity in spite of our desire for higher productivity!

Advantages from effective application of Preload Support

Automated clamp support allows efficient production on even complex shapes without support from skilled experience.

Thin, complex-shaped cutting work requires more precise clamp support. While a much longer time was spent by operators on the manual tuning process, automated tuning with Preload Support speeds up the process and still achieves "almost no deviation" accuracy on repeated cutting operations which is close to the level of experienced skills

The preemptive pressure support system promotes efficient production of complex-shaped products on delicate super thin-walled materials.

On such less -rigid, light, thin materials, Preload Support offsets the anticipated surface distortion developing rigidity reinforcement effect which is achieved by precise clamp variance control of preemptive hydraulic energy pressure. These superb mechanisms assist machines in achieving higher productivity and working speeds.

Advanced high quality cutting work by an integrated mechanical unit.

Efficient and precise clamp set up is automated through a hydraulic pressure sequence.