Obtained a domestic patent for the Baby Kangaroo System®

“Manual quick changeover system with 3 microns accuracy, lift & slide function and an easy external set-up,” in Japan.

Title of the Invention : Machine Tool Apparatus
Patent No.: JP 5155854

This is a versatile system during the machining operation, the set-up and removal of work parts from the baby plate is achieved, therefore minimizing the set-up time and maximizing the utilization rate. This system utilizes a manual sliding set-up where it is simple, fast and light weight. Repeatability and high accuracy of 3 microns deviation is possible in repeated baby plate positioning, due to the two sided restraint clamping mechanism. This system also includes an air seat check sensor and an air blow cleaning function. Moreover, the plate-shaped spring clamp system is oil leak proof hence assuring stable clamp locking performance even under fluctuating room temperatures, making this combined package very reliable. Large variation and small lot production system can be achieved, simply by replacing / changing the baby plate (fixture plate). There are options for the machine program select system and the machine program can be changed by the baby plates I.D.

1.Repeatability and High Accuracy of 3 microns. 2 sided restraint clamping mechanism with a movable taper sleeve centering function.
2.Craneless and Sliding: Slide slot-in easy and smooth changeover with less physical strain.
3.Manual pallet change function APC with high accuracy.
4.Mother plate method that provides easy conversion of existing machine tools to a universal host platform.